Tuesday, March 11, 2008


when i think of the brand penguin, i immediately have visions of adam brody/seth cohen and his laid back, geek chic style.
i personally have never felt a strong desire to rep the penguin label, but it has always held a special place in my heart- mostly because seth cohen holds a special place in my heart.
as i have blogged before, seth cohen is my ultimate dream man. notice, i said seth cohen, not adam brody. because, i do not actually know adam brody, but i certainly know seth cohen. in fact, i came to know him quite well, during his too-short life on my television screen. witty and funny, nerdy and charming, musically and fashionably inclined....seth cohen was a man among men.
as i said before, seth cohen and adam brody alike have been known to sport penguin polos on a regular basis. though the look works well for him, i didnt think i would ever find myself buying anything from the line - that is, until i recently made a stop in downeast outfitters, and found a plethora of adorable skirts at amazingly reduced prices.
when a skirt tag reads "$21.90," i am slightly skeptical about making the purchse. but when a skirt tag reads, "$21.90 (reduced from $140.90), then i snatch that thing up as quick as i can.
as i am currently loving pencils and pleats, here are some of my favorites:


Lilly Pad said...

I thought Seth Cohen too... but then I looked closer and thought, NO that must be his older (more mature/better) looking brother. I too had a thing for Seth Cohen, but not because of that awful OC show, but because of his brief time on Gilmore Girls as the nerdy/adorable guitarist in Lane's band. They had a secret love affair because Lane is Korean and her mom only wanted to her date Korean boys. Well, eventually her mom let them go to Prom together (sigh)... BUT then Seth broke up with Lane and Lane ended up marrying another boy in the band….that dirty, awful rocker boy with long hair. ewwwwwwww. Moral of the story: don’t marry JERKS! Seriously.

I like those skirts, when I see a price tag that read 21.90 - I am a bit skeptical of making the purchase, but if the price tag read $5 (reduced from 21.90) then I snatch it up as quickly as I can.

brooke said...

oh please, i know all about adam brody's escapade on gilmore girls...

Kelly Ly said...

brooke..oh brooke. i love you...you know that....but let it be known that i possess the GREATEST love for Seth Cohen....the greatest love you'll ever know. it's better than that love on The Notebook. If Seth Cohen were to become a real person...I'd be stalker #1 because...i love him.

Kayla said...

#1, you know i am as obsessed with seth cohen as you are. #2, i love megan's comment about gilmore girls...those are my favorite episodes. #3 did i ever tell you about the seth cohen look alike i saw in my mall two summers ago? he wasn't adam brody but seth cohen...always and forever will my heart yearn to see him again on the television screen.
oh and a #4, everytime our urban outfitters magazine comes in the mail, i snatch it up and look at the male models and they ALWAYS remind me of seth cohen and how THAT is how i want my husband/boyfriend (whoever and where he may be) to dress. *sigh*