Friday, March 7, 2008

obsessing over..

florals. pastels. 40s glamor.

sometimes when i step back and look at all of my recent purchases, i notice a major trend in the styles or colors of the items.
this time, i was taking inventory on my latest buys and realized that everything i bought was either 40s-inspired, pastel-colored, floral print, or all of the above. i didnt intentionally create this pattern, and i didnt even realize how much i was feelin all of these styles until i looked at everything as a whole.
i was amazed, therefore, when i checked up on the fall '08 fashion shows and found that the Micahel Kors collection is everything i love as of late, encapsulated into one line.

its ironic that these are my latest loves, as my previous loves have been rich, jewel-toned colors or a more 70s-style, bohemian look. yet now i have frequently been turning toward much more crisp, polished looks and very feminine, ballet-inspired colors. i guess some things just get old...or maybe i am getting old?!


ida.ho said...

ballet inspired...yes! umm does that mean you're going to feature me in your blog? eh? then i can give you a comment 2 hours later saying "thanks so much for featuring me!" hehe.

Anonymous said..., dog.