Wednesday, March 12, 2008

since fashion shows run about six months ahead of season, i was long ago loving this line by BCBG MaxAzria, when the sidewalks were icy and the heater was on non-stop.
then, i could only wish for the days when it would be feasible to wear flouncy satin dresses and airy pale skirts...but those days are slowly disappearing, as the temperatures creep above the 50 degree mark.
among some of my BCBG-inspired looks are a floral patterned vintage dress from coal umbrella, a pale blue, sheer blouse from downeast outfitters, and a rosette-embellished tunic from some random store i can't remember the name of..

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ida.ho said...

delish. just the sight of dresses unaccompanied with thick scarves and chunky tights/boots gives me a delicious, summer feeling :)