Tuesday, February 5, 2008

make over.

so i guess i changed the name of my blog. i wasn't really planning on this monumental change to happen at such a random moment-- it all started with my sister, namely paige melanie, telling me that my blog header was boring.
in an effort to be not-boring, i started making some new headers on photoshop. then i realized that my original thought for this blog- to present people [friends, strangers, celebrities, models] whom i thought were lookin good- never actually carried out.
so i rethought my mission of this blog. and, well, my mission is to bring all things hot and fresh. plain and simple. so of course i couldnt get that song out of my head...and a new blog is born.

i havent decided if im going to change the URL yet...probably not cause its kind of pointless...so there you have it. fresh out tha kitchen.


Anonymous said...

i'm glad to hear that my opinion had an effect on you.

brooke said...

hi paige