Thursday, January 31, 2008

the new boot.

i love boots. recent debate as to whyyy i love them so much -- function or fashion -- has led me to decide that i love them for both reasons, in equal amounts. i love boots because i can tromp through uncharted territory, rain, snow, or shine, and not give a second thought about my jeans getting muddy, my socks getting wet, or my feet getting cold. i also love them because they are just by switching from flats to boots, the look on any outfit changes completely -- often in a change for the better. boots are urban, boots are chic, boots are casual.
but despite my large collection of boots, i find myself somewhat bored with wearing boots every. single. day -- month after month. i feel bad neglecting my ballet flats, ked tennis shoes, and moccasins.
still, even when i attempt to sport something other than boots, it usually takes me to the end of my street to turn back around, feet already wet and cold, and resort back to the boots.
today, however, i came up with a new solution: my beloved red rubber sperry topsiders. these guys are perfect for the snow -- i don't know why i didn't think of it before! they have some quality traction and are water resistant and sturdy.
because they don't go above my ankles, i may not be able to freely stomp across mounds of freshly fallen snow, but i can certainly step into that half-melted puddle or track that frozen patch with confidence that my feet will be warm and waterless.

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