Wednesday, January 30, 2008

coal umbrella.

i first visited this new vintage shop in downtown provo over a month ago, but i never got around to writing about it because i planned on including pictures of my purchases in the post, but have failed to do so.
upon entering coal umbrella , i noted the unique venue for the store. The boutique is comprised of several cozy rooms decorated wall to wall in a balanced mix of vintage mirrors and modern art. innovative wall hangings double as store decorations and product displays.
although nearly everything in the shop has a price tag on it, the comfortable vibe and attention to detail made me feel as if i was in the hippest of hip berkeley loft apartments, rather than a provo clothing store.
the clothing at coal umbrella possesses the quality and quirkiness of vintage pieces, but it is still apparent that the items were chosen by the young and fashion-minded.
i bought a classy, cream-colored coat dress with gold buttons and a peter pan collar; a fair isle, brown and red, wintry wrap sweater; and a peach, floral print, perfect-for-spring dress on my first trip to the store.
though coal umbrella's products do not share D.I. and Saver's thirft store prices, the items are priced in an affordable range -- one that i am willing to pay, when thinking of the tiring, thrift-hunting expeditions the employees must endure in order to please their hipster, fashion-forward crowd.

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Meg Duffy said...

it was cute. I want to live there.