Wednesday, February 6, 2008


suddenly ive discovered a new waves of time-wasting fashion blogs. and by time-wasting, i mean, i become so engrossed in them that i waste a lot of time, reading the latest posts and then heading back through the entire list of archives..
one of these blogs is by a lovely foreign girl named betty jackson. i dont know where exactly she is from..maybe france. she doesnt write in english, so i can't understand anything she is saying, but the innovative-yet-grounded outfit photos speak for themselves.


tokyobanhbao said...

yes she's french and a friend of mine!!... she's the cutest person ive ever met... very happy you like her too!...

Betty said...

Hello! I am very got by your text! Effectively I live in France (near Paris). It has no importance if you do not understand, the most mattering it's photos and if ever you want to ask me a question, I would re-lay you in English (approximate, but English :D)


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