Thursday, October 4, 2007

this kanye-esque man is fiiitted. his outfit epitomizes everything i have been admiring in fashion lately..
-ive been loving all things purple + red
-im always feelin those stripes
-i almost bought a leather bomber jacket exactly like this the other day!
-those sunglasses, well, you can assume how i feel about them by looking at my recent stunnas post
-ive been thinking about getting a fresh pair of crisp, classic blue jeans. not that i need them really..i just have my staple grey skinnies, black skinnies, and dark wide-leg jeans...i want some jeans (like his!) that are a little more...generic?

how does a male encompass everything i, a female, want in an outfit..and look so good doing it??

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Coby said...

kanye west has style