Monday, October 8, 2007

the $1 fabric section at walmart is one of the best ideas ever

Step 1: drive to walmart
Step 2: go to the $1 fabric section and pick as many prints as your heart desires..
Step 3: instant cheap, fashionable accessories

i mean, if you want a headband and about 1/8 of a yard, thats...1/8 of a $1! and if you want a scarf and thats 1/2 a yard, thats half a dollar! you dont even have to know how to sew, really..its just too good to be true.

some ways i have used $1 fabric:
head wrap
adding/changing a jacket collar
book cover
laptop cover

the possibilities are endless!


Jamie said...

if you happen to break your arm on the catwalk, use this dollar fabric to make a stylin sling!

Kelly Ly said...

i JUST went to the walmart here to the fabric $1 area was kind of disappointing, but i found two new fabrics to make pillows....and maybe a purse to show you! my other one ripped....sad. i'll show you my end products.