Monday, August 6, 2007


around my sophomore...okay maybe junior...maaaybe even senior year in high school, i was a pretty big fan of the introspective, inspiring, artistic work that is ashlee simpson's debut album, "autobiography." somethin about those catchy melodies and irresistable screeches. now-a-days im not really a fan of her music, her clothing style, or anything else about her really...but in doing some research for my latest haircut...i found she has had some pretty admirable dos. i ended up getting my hair cut looking like the first picture..but im thinking maybe next time i'll go with the more a-line, wispy cut of the second style. (or do they not look any different..)


Kayla said...

oh brooke, you had me scared for a minute there. when i saw the beginning of the post, i thought you were gonna say you colored your hair again and i was gonna have to scream out loud at work. thank goodness it's only been cut. i can see a slight difference in the two. i feel like the second is thinner maybe? more razor cut than the first. but they're both cute. i can't wait til i move back to see it! :)

Anonymous said... has a link to this site. Wow!!!