Monday, August 6, 2007

i dont know why i get so much enjoyment over staring at fabric swatches, but this site is just heaven. as i scan pattern after pattern, i imagine the possibilites with my developing sewing-skills, dream of my future home, and envision sifting the racks of a (very far-away) urban outfitters or anthropologie store.

Repro Depot Fabrics


Anonymous said...

These patterns are great! I want to get into sewing too. But what's the site called? I don't think you posted it... or am I just blind?!

Coby said...

They have an anthropologie in SLC at the Gateway.

Kayla said...

brooke, i got a STEAL saturday at anthropologie. i'm gonna take a pic and post it on my blog. but let's just say it's as good a bargain as my purple/black skirt that you love so much. $20. oh man. you're gonna die.