Wednesday, August 1, 2007

my new role model

during my work day, i look at a lot of blogs. i try and find ones that will take up a lot of my time, and sometimes they do keep me entertained for a good half hour or so. but today, i found the blog of all blogs. by far the most inspiring, motivating, and entertaining blog ive ever read. this blog didnt keep me entertained for 30 minutes. i looked at the clock after i had gone through all of the archives and found that TWO entire hours had passed. this blog may not directly relate to fashion, but i felt an obligation to share the joy that is "the nienie dialogues."

want to be like this girl when i "grow up." i guess i already am grown up. but i want to be this girl when i get married/have a family.
she cooks, she paints, she sews, she decorates, shes a photographer, a writer, she does it all. she makes me want to be more artistic, eat healthier, dress better, take cooler pictures, bake more cakes, learn how to sew, etc, etc, etc.

first of all, her husband looks like a model. i want a husband as good-looking as hers.

second of all, she's an amazing cook. she also has a blog of her own personal recipes. she is a vegetarian, and cooks for her whole family-vegetarian style-on a daily basis. i want to cook food that looks as good as hers.

she also reupholsters furniture. this girl took a chair from the thrift shop for about twenty bucks and reupholstered it to look like something straight out of anthropologie, saving her about 400 dollars.

her kids are adorable. i want to have kids as cute as hers.

her kids are also adorably- dressed. i want my kids to dress as cute as hers.

her house looks like something out of a martha stewart magazine.
i want my house to be as decked-out as hers.


last but not least, her family has so much fun together. look at their lil crew. i want my family to have just as much fun. (and again, look at that house! adorable. sigh.) check it out at
(and her blog background is even my latest favorite color!)


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the site is amazing!! ;OOO
thanks for posting the link...