Thursday, November 6, 2008


Like The Hills without all the scandalous drama, like The Rachel Zoe Project without the obnoxious Rachel Zoe, and like Project Runway without...well, the runway...Stylista is my new fashion-related TV show of the moment.

I really don't like TV much, and I particularly can't stand when it's on in a social setting, but I do love fashion. So naturally, I do enjoy fashion-based shows. And Stylista is no exception.

Never before has a TV show pertained so much to my life...after all, I did just apply for an internship at Elle Magazine — the very set of the show. And I been answering the question "What do you want to be when you grow up?" with "a fashion editor" for many years.

So Stylista is just perfect! A reality-style competition for a position as junior editor at Elle, the show provides an inside look at my (possible) future.

From the contestant wardrobe choices to the final editorial layouts, I soak up every moment of the show. I may have even watched the first two episodes twice.

But best of all, the show gives me hope. A timed competition for finding clothing with darts, set-in sleeves and pin tucks in the Elle closet? Pshh..a breeze! A challenge involving an editorial page on "hidden gems" in China Town? Ha...Easier than writing about Provo's Center Street for Square Magazine!

And the contestants genuinely seem to struggle with the challenges. I mean...I'm sure it's a sliiightly tougher with cameras, teammates, time-limits, an internation magazine editor hovering over your shoulder...but still. Stylista Season 2, sign me up.


ida.ho said...

ohmmmmg i have never heard of/seen this show!

ida.ho said...

ohmmmmg i have never heard of/seen this show!