Tuesday, October 7, 2008


My current status as a single college student is quite restricting when it comes to interior design opportunities. As it is, I come home from thrift and fabric stores with a mind exploding with ideas — ones that must be put aside until a later date, when I have more space and more freedom (like the freedom to paint my walls).

So for now, envisioning is all I can do. And I do it a lot. And when I envision, this is exactly the vision I have. The home of graphic designer/retired-Anthropologie-window-designer married duo Wary Meyers, these images perfectly capture all that I strive for in my future residence.

Vintage-inspired looks exemplified with thrift store purchases, bright bursts of color and touch of modernity with Ikea-esque furniture, it's everything I could ever dream.

{first spotted on sfgirlbybay.com}


Anonymous said...

aww, what a fun, beautiful home you will have!
i like it!
-your mother

Meg said...

me too. I want to be invited over. often.