Monday, September 22, 2008

okay so i lied.


My favorite style blog of the moment is always highly evident in my clothing choices — seeing the bohemian/haphazard style of one blogger will lead me to wear a wristful of bangles and tousled hair day after day, while the crisp, polished style of another blogger will lead me to tuck in blouses to a belted skirt multiple days out of the week.

Lately though, I feel like my style is taking a more permanent change — during the early summer, I was already planning how I would pattern my fall/winter style after the Band of Outsiders Fall runway show, and that thinking has stuck with me ever since.

Browsing the online stores the likes of Toast, A.P.C., and Wikstenmade have made me strive for a style that is 50 percent Americana and 50 percent Swedish countryside dweller. The above looks showcase the look I am going for — one that will hopefully help me transition from college casual to business professional in the next year or so.

Fewer distractions [like unnecessary accessories and overly-trendy items] and quality stand-alone pieces lay the foundation for this look, leading me to seek out unique shirts, dresses and skirts that are fashion-foward, yet classy.

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b said...

Glad to see that you haven't given up on your blog after all.