Wednesday, September 17, 2008


i dunno...if...i...can... do it anymoooore.


Miss Melissa said...

i believe in you, brooke.

Meg Duffy said...

just don't then. use that energy for more important things. like:

1. hanging out with me.
2. shopping.
3. online shopping.
4. boys.
5. kissing boys.
6. dating boys.
7. daydreaming of good looking/nice/righteous boys.
8. road trips.
9. church callings.
10. making cookies.
11. biking with me.
12. bubble bath.
13. learning how to fly.

p.s. these are not in any important order and notice how "studying" is not in there.

Meg Duffy said...
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Anonymous said...

its don't haaave to! I agree with your friend Meg...except, studying DOEs need to occupy some of that you!! Your mother.

Anonymous said...

don't go coach. boycott TC