Tuesday, July 29, 2008

hats off.

Freshly dyed dark hair + a blazing bright sun do not make for a good combo. And so, not being much of a hat wearer, I hesitantly made the decision to buy a hat, for my many summer days by the King Henry poolside, the Mexican coast beach side, or simply my California backyard-side.

Deciding on the type of hat was the next step. Baseball cap? Definitely not. Newsboy cap? Too wintery/played out. Cowboy hat? Never. So MTV spring break.

My first choice, inspired by my lovely roommate Nicole, was the large straw sun hat. A flippant choice, more of a joke than a serious fashion statement, but a practical joke at least.

Nonetheless, that large straw sun hat never made it out in public. I just couldn't do it. So I moved on.

A few months later, standing in line to board our cruise ship with the family, I spotted a street side vendor that was selling $10 hats. This was a pricier option than my $1 section Target sun hat, but I had the thought [for some reason] that this hat would get more use.

Therefore, the straw fedora became the second hat to add to my collection. I wore it all day, and I loved it. It was the star of our prom-style/cruise family picture. But now I haven't worn it since.

Maybe its the played-out-celebrity-trend factor, or the slightly-too-small-for-my-head factor, or the make-my-hair-nasty factor. Or maybe I am just not a hat person, a fact that I knew all along.

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