Monday, July 28, 2008

In N' Out Burger's animal style fries are a little more enjoyable for your tastebuds and a little more of a wild ride for your stomach than the usual homemade fresh potato fries, and the same goes for these more-daring-style rings.
Not that they are wild for your stomach. Just a wilder style choice than the typical cocktail ring, yadidamean? These rings made their way to the top of my "most wanted" list when I saw them at a flea market in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and, as I was not on the top of my bartering game yet, I declined to pay $35 for one.
The rest of my trip to Mexico, I desperately searched for a similar ring. At the last minute, I scooped up one with a crab on it for $10, which is "pretty much for free," as the resident Mexicans would say.
Still, I dream of the exquisitely hand-carved tigers, snakes and bears I saw at that one street-side market in Puerto Vallarta. If I could go back, I would buy that ring for $35 fo sho. Or, better yet, I would use my now excellently-honed bartering skills and buy it for less than one Hamilton.


JordanGuy said...

I am going to write this here, but I do enjoy the animal style as well. I remember the first time we met, but we didn't really meet. I just turned around and expressed my enjoyment of your perfume, and then we didn't speak for another year.

deb-bot said...

Hey, I found this owl ring like 5 seconds after I read this post. Destiny.