Monday, June 2, 2008

wide leg denim trousers.

Lately I haven't been wishing for much - I'm trying to just get in more than one wearing of a dress or shirt or pair of shoes before I go on the next shopping spree...there is just one thing on my wish list of the moment: wide-let denim trouser jeans. I just can't seem to find the perfect pair. Yet they would be so perfect with a summery, tucked-in blouse and simple bright flats.

And I like the name of these pants, cause I've always wanted to call jeans "trousers," like the Brih-ish. I also like the trouser cut better than the usual wide-leg denim...they seem a little more wearable and a little more flattering, for anyone who is not model size at least.


Kayla said...

express has some. or should.
i want some wide leg trousers too but can't seem to pull them off. you would definitely look good in them.

ida.ho said...

wide leg denim is so fun to wear!

Anonymous said...

You have a pair like those already...remember? From target!