Friday, May 23, 2008

i <3

Lately, I find myself always reaching for the nude-colored heel, flat or sandal to complete my spring and summer outfits.

More modern that white, more understated than metallic, nude is the perfect neutral for the season.

Nude goes with everything - as all neutrals do - and I am especially pleased to wear the color since my skin-color nude has recently become darker than my shoe-color nude.


Anonymous said...

i love nude lips.

ida.ho said...

cuteeeeeee shoes. and i'm pretty sure the anonymous is megan duff. :)

Kayla said...

brooklyn, i'm slightly disappointed that your list of favorite blogs are gone :( i loved looking through them all (friends included) and using those links so i didn't have to remember them all.

anyway, hope you're good and having fun! i love all your pics on facebook...makes me miss utah and you guys.

p.s. i think nude colored shoes are fab. (and my new job at express will help me become more fashion conscious, so keep posting fashion tips!! i use them! :) )