Wednesday, June 25, 2008

twin week.

We always find ourselves matching or coordinating, Hanalei and I. sometimes we both wear dresses, sometimes we wear the same colors, sometimes we wear the exact same shirt that we both bought at H&M when we were separately in California.

And so, Hanalei thought, Why not cut this unplanned twin stuff and just embrace it. Plan it.

So it's twin week at the Tec Lab/our apartment/sohotsofresh and idalikesthat blogs, and today was the kick-off, in celebration of my brand new wide-leg denim. [Courtesy of Old Navy, $15.99]


ida.ho said...

yeahhh!! i'm so excited.

Anonymous said...

awww, aren't you two so cute!
-mother brown

Ragamala said...

you guys look so cute! I love it when people match!

meggiemegmeg said...

hahahaha.. I saw ida's blog first, and then went to this one and just laughed... holy cow.. provo is that boring huh? jk.. I am jealous I am not there.