Thursday, June 26, 2008

head gear.

One day, I went to D.I. and saw my cousin Heather there. She always finds good fabric there to make her lovely home-sewn purses [which will perhaps be featured here someday], so I invited her to peruse the fabric section with me, in hopes that her luck would rub off.

Just as I was tossing bags and bags of "grab bags" of fabric to the side, I spotted one that looked promising. Still, I may just have passed it by if Heather hadn't confirmed my thinking with, "Ooo that looks like a good one."

That was all it took — done. sold. I bought it for $3, checked it out as I got into my car, and was overjoyed to find prize after prize — vintage scarves, headbands and even a sailor-style dress was heaven.

Now I have headwear, purse accesories, belts, neck attire... for life.

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