Monday, June 9, 2008


Gallatin County, Montana: Population 275 — site of my weekend getaway, where we feasted like kings, traversed like explorers and dressed like natives. Native Americans, that is.

I've been pining for a pair of dream catcher earrings ever since my Native American-inspired clothing love affair began. And after searching all Forever 21s, H&Ms and Urban Outfitters high and low, I am still dream-catcher-earringless.

But after visiting the grand country of West Yellowstone, MT, I have the next best thing — a dream catcher necklace — in my possession. Way more legit than a mass produced retail version anyway.

I just have to make sure not to wear my Minnetonka moccasins, peacock feather earrings and new necklace all at once.


Kayla said...

not to be picky, but the correct abbreviation for Montana is actually MT. MO stands for Missouri, and I'm pretty sure you didn't go THERE this weekend ;)

brooke said...

oh, why thank you kayla — corrected