Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Raspberry Chocolate Truffle Cake.

With the end of the semester approaching and a mass amount of frozen food, I have been cooking to feed the thousands with my otherwise wasted food items.

Last night was a Japanese themed meal, with stir fry, dumplings, edemame and brown rice. The previous night was a traditional Sunday dinner of baja citrus marinaded chicken, garlic mashed potatoes, salad, corn, and cheesy biscuits. The meal seemed to be never-ending -- the people kept coming and the food kept supplying -- we literally fed about 17 mouths.

Each course was enjoyed by all, but the real hit was the desert -- a raspberry chocolate truffle cake.

{ingredients} this homemade chocolate cake baked in 2 round pans, with homemade raspberry jam spread in between, topped with powdered sugar, sliced strawberries and cool whip.


Meg Duffy said...

I am so glad you are in my life... not just because you feed me but because you are great. I was thinking that as I read this post. I am going to miss you over the summer.

Anonymous said...

i am on my way over, now.

beefaroni is good, but not thaaaat good.

kelli said...

Can you cook for me sometime?