Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Ray-Ban wayfarers have been the must-have sunglasses for the past few seasons now, but, a few months ago, Kanye went from stunna shades to "shutter shades," and, Kanye being the trend-setter that he is, shutter shades are quickly becoming the hottest eyeware of the moment.
Kanye first donned these completely impractical and completely ridiculous sunglasses in his music video for his hit single, "stronger." The moment the video was released, the fashion industry jumped on the trend, with websites popping up devoted solely to the futuristic-looking stunnas.
Now, anyone who's...anyone... can join the shutter shade nation, as House of Sunglasses website is selling the sunglasses for just $9.99.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

oh for real?

Anonymous said...

Not feeling it i guess its cool to rock Shutter Shades to the concert but other than that NO !