Tuesday, April 8, 2008


many asians seem to have a partiular knack for style-- a natural ability to look chic and effortless in conservative, classic styles and wacky trends alike.
living in a sea of white, conservative, republican, LDS college students doesnt leave much room for style variety, but i always anticipate passing a particular intersection near international student housing. here, i often catch glimpses of pint-sized asian girls clad in creative ensembles that stand out among the typical uniform of hooded sweatshirts and ill-fitting jeans.
flickr style guru boboniaa certainly fits the asian-fashionista-bill, with her perfect mix of vintage grandma dresses and quirky boutique accessories.
balanced composition and an explosion of color add extra appeal to her flickr account photos, drawing me to check out which fits boboniaa is rockin on a daily basis.

{im lovin those shorts...those shirt dresses...that green jacket...those black pants...that red dress!}

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Anonymous said...

i love that cute red dress. i love asians too. i love people of all races.