Wednesday, January 23, 2008


the other night on american idol, in reference to a girl who had a singing voice that almost-but-not-quite resembled ella fitzgerald, simon said, "there's a fine line- yet a huge difference- between "old-fashioned" and "retro."
i couldn't agree with simon more on this one. i think his statement perfectly applies to clothing as well.
in the search for that stand-out vintage piece that consummates an impeccable balance of style past and present, sometimes the old tweed skirt priced at $2.99 at savers just seems...well, old.
yet, other times, the old tweed skirt incapsulates a historic mark that makes it a must-have for modern day. the quality of the piece, the vibe of the piece, gets people asking, "where did you get that?" in a "where-did-you-get-that-awesome-outfit-it-must-be-expensive," rather than a "where-did-you-get-that-outfit-probably-from-a-dumpster" kind of way.
these items from the ebay store thriftwares do the same.


Anonymous said...

Where'd yer last post go?

Meg Duffy said...

I agree with this post because I think there is a fine line in a lot of things.

Messy vs. Unorganized.
Clothed vs. Naked.
Love vs. Lust.
Relaxing vs. Wasting time.
My Style vs. What comes out of the dumpster.

nuff said.