Thursday, December 13, 2007


with the remainder of the office season postponed/cancelled, there is not a single tv show that i watch on a regular basis. in fact, with the exception of last friday night, i dont think i had turned on the tv for more than a month.
however, i have always been a fan of tlc's "what not to wear" and i watch it whenever i come across a new episode...i think the host, stacy london, is chic and stylish--i have never seen her do any wrong, fashion-wise. i like the way she learns about the show's guests by analyzing their wardrobe, and then making them over in a way that is true to their original style.
so last friday night, when i came home from work, and randomly decided to turn on the tv while i made dinner, i think it was fate that the channel was already on TLC and the show that was airing at that exact moment was stacy london's NEW tv show, "fashionably late with stacy london."
the show normally airs on fridays 10/9 it was destiny that it was on at 5 pm. it was destiny that it wasnt on a commercial and i didnt turn the channel..pure destiny.
on the show, stacy london acts a little more "loose" and personable with her guests...she goes more in depth about certain topics and shows live examples of the latest trends and how to make them work in real life. the show is amazing, it.


Meg Duffy said...

I can't believe CLINTON IS GAY (are you sure)! well.... another one bites the dust. He is soooo funny, I think he should make an appearance on her show. I would watch it then.... let's watch this together this time.

Anonymous said...

I love this american life. destiny is a banana muffin.