Friday, December 14, 2007


im not a fan of aeropostale. to say the least. but...i aaam a fan of japanese-style flowers...and this aero hoodie got me. not that i dont have enough hoodies. and not that i even wear hoodies that often. for some reason i just. cant. stop. buying them.


jo-nathan said...

i think that's a mighty fine idea, brooke. and hey, i don't just claim, i do. just because i don't normally leave comments doesn't mean i don't read. it just means i don't want people to know where i get all my fashion tips. that's all.

Meg Duffy said...

jonny never commets on my blog anymore. I miss him. you are a lucky gal..... and jonny if you wanted to get me something for christmas, this woudl be a good chioce for me. j/k

Coby said...

That new header is hot.