Sunday, December 23, 2007


my mom loves to tell me that my clothes look like a grandma. i have no shame in this fact. its true that i sport the same keds and polka dot shirt dress my grandmothers have in their closets, and i feel pretty good about that.
the above picture is my grandma holding my dad circa 1965. the picture hangs on the fridge in my family's kitchen, and whenever i am patiently waiting for my glass to be 3/4 full of crushed ice, i find myself admiring the cut and pattern of the dress and the complimentary necklace to go with it.
the other day i was in the airport and admired the hobo chic cream colored, peter pan collared coat of a senior citizen.
in the fashion blog/magazine world, they always ask "what would you say inspires/influences your style." the response often seems to be, "i dont know, i just where what i like."
i hate that answer because of course something influences their style...all of these people dont magically "like" the same things for no reason. of course the fashion industry influences their style to some extent...still, i believe that people can pick and choose what they like and have their own twist on things.
for me, if i was asked that question, i would answer...grandmas, grandpas and ganstas. that is the equation for a perfect outfit if you ask me.

here are some other stylin elderly:

and some modern inspired dresses i love from topshop


Miss Maclaine said...

I love my grandma's old clothes! She's kept most of them in boxes and in the last couple of years has given most of them to us! Wow. She's kept them in the most amazing condition. I'm sad for my grandkids - I don't think all of the things I buy at Forever 21 will hold up for them to admire 50 years from now.

Anonymous said...

brooke, when your mother tells you that, just smile and say, "why, thank you!"

Anonymous said...

Gosh those dresses are way cute! (: i love your blog btw!