Tuesday, December 18, 2007

all about the washingtons.

i have heard a lot of hype about this place called honk's $1.05 store. i mean, the name in itself deserves a little talk i guess. honk's.
i had never been to the store, however, until TODAY-- while others were in crisis wondering the answer to 371289-5 ---798/-*#$%^&*() = X in the testing center and pouring over their physiology 201 book in the library, i was in honk's heaven.
upon entering the store, i felt a little trashy. i read the store motto, "always an adventure...always!" and i felt a little annoyed. "arent they being being a little overly confident about their little white trash store?" i thought.
then i remembered going there with my grandma every time we slept over at her house and the magic of getting WHATEVER WE WANTED in the store. then i felt nostalgic.
then the reality of the fact that everything in the store was [rounded to] JUST one dollar hit me. then i felt elated.
the dollar store is not just for build-your-own airplanes, stickers and candy necklaces, folks. the dollar store is also for necessities like toilet paper, shampoo, FAKE TYLENOL, kitchen ware...all for a dollar plus a nickel! amazing.
we are pretty cheap and usually dont buy luxuries like hand soap and paper towels for our apartment, but this was an occasion to go all out. show my holiday spirit to the roommates.
so i indeed went all out, and bought wrapping paper, 4 plates, 2 bowls, medicine, shampoo, among other things...wow. all for 10 dolores.
plus, not one, but twoooo attractive men work there.
at honk's, i definitely had an adventure, and i anticipate many more.


Anonymous said...

My mom also loves the dollar store, but she goes to the one thats a little closer to home. Some of my all-time favorite purchases from there include, nik-a-lips (the grossest wax candy imaginable), police toy sets, fake cologne sprays.

Thank you Brooke, just watch out for that fake toothpaste, it may contain lead.


Meg Duffy said...

This is the best! haha.... my best HONKs purchase had to be the decorations we bought for Brians birthday. That was a good time, make me feel like I was 12 again.

Anonymous said...

awww.....i loved your little blog Brookie-daughter dear...especially the part about going there with Grandma! She must be smiling down on you with those same great memories.