Friday, November 30, 2007

wish list.

although ive checked lots of things off my "wants" list lately, there are still a few things i havent been able to find. (mother, take note of this one!)

1. a black purse. for whatever reason, i havent been able to find the peeerfect bag...youd think black bag would be easy to find, but i just cant find one that meets my needs. i like the quilted or "doctor bag" styles.

2. red leather boots. sounds a little..loud, but if they were shorter length and a nice dark leather i think they would be much more subtle, and cute with a neutral winter coat.

3. eggplant or plum-colored tights


Anonymous said...

We'll have to see if Santa can help us with these wishes, dear daughter!

Anonymous said...

I love plum.


Kayla said...

i want a pair of red leather boots, but i am quite content with my red SUEDE boots and wear them as often as i can...usually with my skinny jeans, a nice sweater and my newly acquired pea coat--very chic and classy. one of my new favorite looks :)