Thursday, November 29, 2007

twelve by twelve.

while on the topic of forever 21 news [see post below], they also have a completely separate new store called twelve by twelve, with just 7 locations [in CA, NJ, VA, IL, and OR.] this line is a few steps up from heritage 1981 and many steps up from forever 21 -- in fact, too many, in my opinion. i guess they are stepping away from catering to only the high school/college girls' budget, because these clothes are priced anywhere from $40 for a top to $90 for a coat. i guess its not horrible pricing in comparison to other "luxe" brands, but i didnt find anything at all that i thought was worth the price. the only items i would even consiiider buying [if they were cheaper] were these two plaid coats. i really like the '50s vibe they both possess, with the cutesy bows and wrist-length sleeves.

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