Wednesday, September 12, 2007

im still alive and well

with the start of school, moving into a new apartment, keeping up in my ever-exciting social life, and most of all, writing for my school's newspaper, blogging has become low on the priority list.
in order to get my fashion-intake for the day, however, ive still been checking up on my favorite blogs when i get a second or two, and then i wonder if anyone even reads even reads mine anymore.
for anyone who hasnt given up on me, know that i have been getting plenty of shopping in lately, especially with the opening of the new forever 21 in university mall.
i cant believe im saying this but it really is THE most quality forever 21 ive ever been to. even beats out the S.F. store.
its just..heaven! ive never seen such an amazingly decorated store...each different room has a different theme to correspond with the clothing styles displayed in the room..and the jewelry secton...oh my, it makes me wish that forever 21 was actually my very own walk-in closet.
before i visited the university mall location, i had been losing faith in forever 21 in my #1 go-to store for an instant wardrobe update. that being said, this store must have an amazing buyer..i would have been more than satisfied to walk out with everything in the store.
ive been to the store twice in the past week, and on my most recent visit i spent about 30 minutes standing in front of the mirror, debating over the jacket shown below.
i have been wanting a red lumberjack-style jacket for more than a yeaar...and when i saw this one, ...i was shocked and overjoyed..but then immediately distracted by the black and white version hanging adjacently.
after asking my roommates, friends, and random people passing by which jacket they liked better, i eventually went with the red/black.
think i made the right choice?


kelli said...

Yes, I like the red/black better...but when are you going to take me to Forever 21??

ida.ho said...

duh, i concurred!

Anonymous said...

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