Thursday, September 13, 2007

i had a recent request to include more about guys fashion in my blog.
well, all i have to say is..look to adam brody, and you will succeed.
if you dont know the exact style of adam brody, its been called "geek chic" and it is the most attractive style that a guy can wear, in my opinion. but thats just my opinion. and lots of girls have very different opinions...sooo..uh..for anyone who wants to be attractive pay attention.
the geek chic style is comprised of a few simple staples.

the slender-fit (but not skin-tight skinny) jeans.

the boating shoes, slip-on shoes, classic lace-up shoes, nike dunks, etc...there are a few brands that are a safe way to get this style down...but if this is really your'll know cool shoes when you see them.

a cool graphic tee. preferably not something that says, "everything's bigger in texas" or the like, but something with a...ya know, geek chic image. stripes, bird motifs, boom boxes, headphones, and random doodle images are popular.

the grandpa/ sweater. buttoned up, please.

the hoodie. essential. zip-up. or pull-over. either will do. just make sure it (like every other clothing item) is slim-but-not-too-slim-fit.

there is also the option of substituting a graphic tee or cardigan for a long or short-sleeve button-down. i love the plaid and flannel styles, channeling 90s grunge. only...better.

finish off the look with an awesome jacket. something original, with a graphic print all over.


Kelly Ly said...

i looooooooooove adam brody. good thing we're getting married.

Kayla said...

oooh adam brody is my ideal guy too. guys, take note from him for SURE.

Coby said...

I like that striped shirt best. I got the mp3 for Fireworks in secret. But if you have an ipod copy program or any other that lets you get music from an ipod I will happily share.

brooke said...

i guess my dreams came true last night cause i saw a guy wearing that exact striped tee i featured on here! he must have read my blog..hah

brooke said...
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Anonymous said...

seth cohen would be proud :) love these clothes. and i would love them even more if i could find a guy wearing them.

Anonymous said...

If a guy wants to know how to dress check of JFK JR., he has a style that is out of this world.

Brooke, post another Blog on mens fashin, but better.