Tuesday, June 19, 2007

nordstrom rack = love.

once upon a time, one of my very best shopper friends told me about a little store called nordstrom rack. he went there quite frequently, and always came back with awesome purchases. for one reason or another, i never made it with him on a trip to normstrom rack, but this weekend i finally did. and it was amazing. i ended up with two quality purchases, but i really could have bought so much more. theres something about knowing how much youre saving from the original price that makes me so motivated to spend money at stores like this. i was at the store with about 10 other people, however, and since i could eaaasily out-shop most of them, i felt pressured to make my purchases quickly. i will definitely be going back though, very soon.


Kayla said...

you finally made it up there, eh? good work :)
i'll DEFINITELY go with you next semester....and you know i can shop for HOURS haha.

Sharp Lily said...

Uh, the shoes are FABULOUS. For real. Great find.