Tuesday, June 19, 2007

he's lookin good: markie-mark

this is mark. he is my friend. he is also one of the most stylish boys i know. this collage doesnt quite do him justice, but i tried to capture his fashion sense the best that i could. mark is known to wear the sweetest kicks- from white, canvas vans slip-ons to the hottest nike dunks. some of my favorite looks featured here are his ever-so-indie bird sweater, his from-the-hills-of-bolivia multi-colored beanie, and his strategically-placed flat-billed hat. mark is part surfer, part long-boarder, part snowboarder, part gangsta, and these influences are perfectly reflected in his every-day clothing choices. whether its at the beach or in the city by the bay, mark is always lookin just plain good.
FYI: whats that on his teeth? shoot, its a grill. a made-of-foil grill, at that. see, so gangsta.


ida.ho said...

can i be his friend? pleeeaase.

ida.ho said...

omg i LOVE snowboarders, and that is one good lookin board. and boy!

Kayla said...

oh i miss mark and his stylish ways.
i think you would like my friend derek brooke...he makes his own clothes and dresses real well. he has a style all his own. i'll introduce you someday.

Anonymous said...