Tuesday, June 12, 2007

man purses?

i have to say, i hope this is not a new trend.


Kayla said...

oh my gosh! i saw a guy (a well dressed, most likely metro guy) in the smoothie place in downtown...with a purse! but he wasn't with a lady friend, so i was quite confused....this post explains it. i didn't know man purses were coming into style (i almost said, back into style, but they never WERE in style, so that argument fails)
man, i hope it's not coming into style. it just looks WRONG. especially when it's all feminine-like. ughhhh.

Anonymous said...

Brooke. So I came into a great deal of money. I wanna go shopping with you. So. I'm flying out to Provo. Just to go shopping. With you. And any hot friends you have.

-Kel Kel

brookiebee843 said...

came into a great deal of money? what the..how'd that happen