Friday, June 15, 2007

im a little wary...

the start of this whole fashion blog business has caused some discussion amongst my friends. some have wondered what the truly defines the word "fashionable." some have declared that it is dumb to wear something just because they tell you that its in style. although i would like to think of myself as a fashionable person, i guess the definition of "fashionable" IS debatable- and i full-heartedly agree that you should never wear something just because its in a magazine or store window.
case in point:
there are two items i just dont think that i'll be embracing anytime soon, if ever.
#1: the jazz shoe. although ballet flats have been around for awhile, im still not tired of them and dont think i ever could be. and their replacement is something that i hope is not a complete replacement, cause i, personally, am just not feelin these.

as you can see, they are showing up everywhere lately, and they have already spawned into a few jazz-shoe-cousins, but i just cant do any of them.

#2: high-waisted shorts. another thing i cant do. well, let me restate that. they are definitely growing on me, but i will not let myself wear them. i usually dont care what guys think of my clothing selection, but sometimes i have to draw the line. and last night i pulled up a blog post featuring these babies and i was met with an immediate, "EW those are disGUSTing!" by the male sitting next to me. and so, despite their rising popularity and the fact that they are sold-out on, at this time, i will quote an anonymous intramural softball player and say both "goodmorning" and "goodnight" to high-waisted shorts. (the softball player said nothing about high-waisted shorts, but he-yeah, whatever, forget it.)


lluviaschick said...

love laced shoes and highwaisted shorts!

Isabel said...

I'm definitely in love with both of those trends, but it's perfectly acceptable for you to not be. Long live personal style!