Friday, June 29, 2007

lookin good: byu bookstore edition

i have never been one to wear collegiate attire- i avoided the clothing section of my school bookstore, unlike other college freshman, who were excitedly loading up on ill-fitting school football t-shirts and formless hooded sweatshirts to proudly don at the first football games. i love my school and all, but it just never made sense to me to drop 50 dollars on an ugly sweatshirt simply to declare school pride.
lately, however, the byu bookstore has been on an upward climb- reaching an almost trendy status.
above, my lovely sister models one of the hottest dresses featured at the bookstore. the dress consists of a light, jersey top, followed by a band of material that nicely accentuates the waist and a skirt made of cool fabric, in colors showcasing the nautical trend of the season.
the shoes below are another fashionable item that caught my eye- and had me giving byu bookstore clothing a second thought.


ida.ho said...

i KNOW i have been noticing the same thing. before, i avoided the un savy selection, but now find myself wandering through with a smile.

Rodrigo said...
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