Thursday, January 29, 2009


Despite my interest in following the runway and keeping up on trends, I only adapt styles into my personal wardrobe that I really love and feel inspire by.

For example, fashionable “ugly shoes,” drop-crotch pants, Doc Martens — all on the runway, all hot in the blogosphere, and all wrong for me.

That being said, there are a few trends I adore, but can’t seem to figure out how to interpret into my own style.

Case in point: bright tights. I think they look perfect on Blair Waldorf and fashion bloggers the world over, but I have been a bit hesitant about donning them myself.

When I finally took the steps from basic black to gray to dark blue, green, and plum, to bright blue…I just wasn’t sure what to think. I even took a picture of myself to see how I looked to the rest of the world — I was that concerned. And I was actually quite satisfied. But then I’d look down and see my real-life bright blue legs and just…giggle.


ida.ho said...

haah ur cute. just wear them and don't look back :)

Meg Duffy said...

I have things to say. always look back, always, there could be toilet paper stuck to your shoe.
two: you looked so darn cute in those bright blue tights we just bought, and when I wear my yellow ones I think of you. three: where is the new blog... not that i do not love this one, you just said something about it. that's all.
wait. four: the drop-crotch pants comment made me burst out into laughter. burst. don't know why. just did.

brooke said...

1. true
2. thanks
3. its coming
4. maybe it's the words "drop" and "crotch" in the same phrase?

brooke said...

ps. i know i spelled the word "dilemma" wrong. im very self-conscious about misspelling words!

Anonymous said...

if my opinion counts (I know it doesn't though)...i'd say stay awayyyy from the bright tights...(unless you want everyone staring at your legs and want them accentuated.) just my opinion. do love your hair though! love you my daughter-dear!

Anonymous said...

oh and to Meg...OR even worse, that toilet paper could be hanging out the back of your pants like happened to me back in the day when I was a little 12 yr old beehive! auggghhhh! It was terrible! (happened in front of a bunch of deacons even!)
-Shelley (mother)

Meg Duffy said...

dearest shelley... your anonymous comments made me burst out into laughter as well. thank you for that story. it brought joy to my day!

LightStealer said...

I decided to wear bright RED tights on the day I discussed my BA. Pretty brave (at least for the dress code here in Italy), but it was cool..!

After that day, though, I kinda stopped wearing them as well (despite I keep on buying new colours and patterns)...dunno why! :P


hollylynn said...

brooke! thank you for the comment. i'm glad you enjoy my little blog. i have to say - i love yours too! haven't explored it for more than 10 minutes yet, but i think i will.

and wear the colored tights! i have some hunter green ones that i love, but i have to make sure my outfit doesn't make them look like i'm wearing a peter pan costume, and some magenta ones that are a little too cool for school in some settings, but you know, how else are you gonna look back and know it was 2009?

also, your orange coat...i love it. i have the green one.

that's all.