Friday, May 2, 2008

earlobe protection.

About three months ago, seeing me without earrings on was a rare sight indeed. I have a wide collection of earrings; I particularly appreciate this accessory for its outfit-completing and face-de-rounding qualities.

But then, one fateful day, a friend told the tale of a girl he knew who split her earlobe open because of excessive earring wearage. The said girl was napping one day and her earring caught on a pillow and just slid right through the ear. Now, a year later, her ear is still split, and it may take some sort of post-inserting surgery to fix the problem.

I listened to this story, truly horrified, and realized I must change my ways. And so I did. Not wanting to end up another split-ear girl, I have replaced my earrings with cocktail rings- and with rings as cute as these, I don't even mind. Going out sans earrings even seems summer appropriate, allowing for more carefree, easy/breezy days.

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