Thursday, April 10, 2008


Today, I saw a great sight. There I was, walking along campus, frustrated with the dilemma of trying to keep my skirt, scarf, and beanie from blowing away with the fierce wind and feeling like someone must have inserted extra hours into this particular Thursday afternoon, due to the sluggish pace at which it was passing by.

But then, I saw a boy--strutting down the walkway between the SWKT tower and the McKay building, lookin' like he [felt like he] owned the world.

He was wearing carpenter jeans. And in that ever-so-functional hammer loop was some sort of musical contraption, of which the exact identity is unknown -- but what I do know is that the contraption was blasting Journey's early 80s hit, "Wheel In The Sky."

I felt like I was in a horrible/terrible/awesome 80s movie, and this unknown character had just dominated over the jerky jock guy and won the heart of the beguiling blonde...

Now, when I have my iPod headphones in, I sometimes feel like I am living life with my own movie soundtrack...but this guy decided let everyone around him become a part of the movie he was in.

I hope he wasn't offended when I laughed out loud at the sight of him--as much as I find carpenter pants to be one of the worst styles of denim ever invented, I truly, genuinely enjoyed the sight of him, his carpenters, and his modern-day ghetto blaster.


Anonymous said...

We were at Old Navy the other day and your father picked up a pair of those carpenter jeans...I quickly grabbed them from him and said, "ewww! what are you thinking!" Whew...I'm glad I was with him to save him from those pants.

kelli said...

This post made me chuckle/smile to myself in the Tec Lab. I saw/heard some random guy walking on the ramp on the way back to Helaman one day.. he was blasting some foreign classical music, it sounded like, with one of those muscial contraptions, and everyone was giving him weird looks. He didn't have carpenter pants on though, I don't think.

Coby said...

Brooke! Carpenter pants can be functional. And not just to carpenters or people who need to hold hammers as was apparent in your story.