Wednesday, April 2, 2008


whether they be side-swept, wispy, bluntly cut, or -- worst of all -- curled, poofed and hairsprayed, bangs have played a constant role in my hairstyle history.
and, as fellow bangers(?) may know, this forehead fringe creates a slight problem when it comes to facial cleansing/moisturizing/masking.
thankfully, where bobby pins, headbands and ponytail holders have all failed me, i can now depend on the tassi -- the hottest new hair-holder-backer on the market.
unlike other inventions, the tassi is actually successful in keeping my bangs -- along with every other hair on my head -- out of my face while i perform my nightly facial cleansing routine. its cute, its comfortable, and its easy to use.
the tassi takes less than 30 seconds to whip out and pull over your head. but the best part is that removal of the "keep your hair outta there" product doesnt destroy my carefully crafted mane-- my strategically combed part and gently blow dried layers remain just as they were previously styled, no matter how carelessly i throw the tassi on and off.
other tassiers have even pushed the product past its original design, donning the tassi for work outs, house cleaning, cooking, and sleeping -- and who wouldn't want to wear this hairnet-gone-chic every moment possible, when it comes in trendy colors like "island blue," tangerine and lime green?
owned by my colleagues, neighbors, and friends, twin brothers danny and chase ellsworth, this simple but brilliant invention is now being snatched up in mass quantities by hair salons and department stores at trade shows across the country.
luckily, the ellsworth boys recently got their company's website up and running. so now, instead of paying thousands to get into exclusive national trade shows, you can pay just $14.99 and get to tassi-ing yourself.


Lilly Pad said...

SOme people may know that my birthday is coming up.... and I DO NOT Like parties... so please do not throw me one.... but ya know what would be the BEST BIRTHDAY GIFT EVER.... my very own tassi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think pink would be best, or blue, because blue would bring out the color in my eyes. I have an idea......Brooke, maybe you could use those pretty bangs of yours and bat your eyelashes and convince the Ellsworth twins to get me one for my birthday... I can think of nothing better in the whole world... except maybe.... a pony.

ida.ho said...

oh you trump my tassi blog! haha. and yes, photo bucket works!!

Anonymous said...

i bought fiber gum today.