Monday, March 17, 2008

this semester i am in a sociology class called racism and ethnicity. i like the class- anyone who knows me knows that i am incredibly drawn to any person of a different race, and historical events like the holocaust and U.S. slavery always intrigued me.
other than the content of the lectures, there is another reason i like this class- that reason is my professor. an elderly gentleman looking like he is straight out of 1973, professor bahr reminds me of one of those inspiring teachers from movies like The Dead Poet's Society or The Emperor's Club. he teaches with passion and conviction. he is straightforward and sincere, he kind of reminds me of my grandpa, and beside that, he has excellent style.
tweed, elbow-patched blazers, cardigan sweaters, and large-framed glasses are his wardrobe staples. he wears an adorable little hat and carries a dignified briefcase. if i was a guy, id like to dress like him. yep, a 70-year-old man.
but i think the key to professor bahr's look is that he isnt trying to have a look- he's just wearing what he's worn every day of his 30-year teaching career, yet he has a wardrobe cooler than the hippest hipster on the block.


Anonymous said...

awww...that was such a cute little tribute to your professor! (and to grandpa!) That totally made me smile. i loved reading that.

Kayla said...

i think bahr was my sociology professor freshman year. what a good class...