Sunday, March 2, 2008

early 90s.

my sister recently posted some reminiscent photos of our youth in a facebook album. i was pretty impressed with my sense of style- sporting keds, bright colors, florals, and some truly amazing handmade-by-mom bows, i paid obvious attention to everything from my footwear to my headwear.
it wouldnt be fair, however, if i didnt give most of the credit to my personal stylist of the 90s, a.k.a. my mom. she provided my wardrobe and probably chose my outfits on a daily basis. she took thought and care into coordinating all of her daughters in the hottest fits, so we were the envy of all the other ladies, from the monkey bars to the tether ball courts.
but i do remember this one time when my mom tried to get me to wear a floral button-down top with a striped skirt...i was having none of that. she insisted...i was all drama. but i think i won in the end. come to think of it, id probably wear the outfit now.
there was also this plaid blazer she was always trying to get me to wear....

anyway, on my trip down memory lane, i also noticed that i was rockin some trends that are once again relevant today.
so, to showcase to everyone how fashion-conscious i was even in my developmental years...a collage of early to mid-nineties kid-chic.


Anonymous said...

yeah, I think I had a thing for being fashionable with my cute little family of daughters...that was so fun dressing all of you back then...i miss those days of my little girls, and big bows!

e.r.c. said...

adorable little brooke.