Sunday, March 23, 2008

bridge on the river kwai

i understand that movies are often about much more than good music, good clothes, good laughs and good looks, but its hard for me to stay interested if the film im watching doesnt have one -- preferably all -- of these qualities. good looks doesnt even have to be good looking people..but at least something aesthetically pleasing or artistic in some way. and this being my criteria for enjoying a movie, it is rare that i find one i am genuinely entertained by.
the bridge on the river kwai
holds true to my claim. i had to watch it for my sociology class-- and sure it won 7 academy awards in 1957, but it was a struggle for me. a struggle to keep my eyes open, a struggle to find anything enjoyable about it at all. the soundtrack is virtually nonexistent, the dialogue is few and far between, the setting rarely changes, and, importantly, neither does the wardrobe.
the majority of the film features sweaty, dirty old men in ripped khaki uniforms. but then one lovely scene comes along and displays a prison escapee on the beaches of hawaii with some blonde beauty and my attention was grasped for a moment. that bathing suit! so classy, so retro -- so hot, so fresh.


kelli said...

Well then, I'm glad I didn't stay to watch it

Meggles said...

I like this post... wonderfully written and I really like the idea of a beach. I did not knw it had won academy awards, I thoght as you both were talking about it on sunday, that it was jsut some weird old flims. I actually prefer them to any other flim.... I like when there is dancing... have you ever seen "singing in the rain" that is my ALL time favortie.

Father said...

I will have you know, BrookieBee, that Bridge Over the River Kwai is one of my favorite films. Maybe you should take some theatre/cinematic arts classes at BYU (on my dime, mind you) and you will better appreciate the values of a great plot, strong character development, beautiful cinematography, AND memorable score (the whistling "Colonel Bogey" marching song is legendary and won an Oscar for the composer). Besides this one post, I love your blog and for its originality and whit--not to mention the pretty food pictures.