Tuesday, February 26, 2008


its 33 degrees outside right now, with sunshine and not a cloud in sight. it appears that spring is springin...[although i can't believe i now think 33 degrees is spring weather!]
to celebrate, i bought these sandals. i havent broken them out yet...i think i wait until friday, when the forecast is a strong 52 degrees.
but i did see a girl today wearing jeans, sandals, a short sleeve shirt and sunglasses today and i was a little jealous of her so-spring look.


kelli said...

I think I saw that girl too! Or..at least a girl wearing the same ensemble. Can you take me to Forever 21 sometime soon?

brooke said...

haha...kelli im sure there were PLENTY of girls wearing jeans sandals and short sleeves yesterday...yes we can go to F21 whenever you say so.