Wednesday, February 6, 2008


the sun has returned! i dont know how long it will last, but this morning i awoke to clear skies and [what appeared to be] warmer weather. nevermind that it was really 12 degrees outside...this was evidence that my winter protest was obviously working, and i was going to take advantage of it. so laced up my nikes and went for a morning run.
enduring icicle ears, stiffened cheeks, and a burning throat, life was good.
listening to the sounds of kate nash kept me entertained for a good 45 minutes.

this glimpse of warmer, sunnier days has given me hope that maybe spring really is on its way, and one thing on my spring wardrobe list is a pair of backed sandals.
ive already begun my search, and scoping around, i was reminded of a childhood favorite- saltwater sandals.
every spring, from years 3-10, my mom would take us on a seasonal trip to nordstrom and get us all fitted in a new pair of salt water sandals. being the only time we every entered the doors of nordstrom, this trip was quite a treat. the smell of that fresh leather is one i associate with running through the sprinklers and skipping around disneyland.
when i did some research on these saltwater sandals, i found out that saltwater sandals go for a minimum of about $40. this gives me further gratitude for my mother's investment, but also brings disappointment. im way too cheap for that now. although i dont know if id have the option of buying them even if i wanted to, considering that, to my knowledge, they even make adult sizes...
so for now, looks like i will just have to reminisce of the days when my younger, smaller feet could sport the simple and style saltwater sandal.


kelli said...

Oooh Saltwater sandals. Your memories of running through the sprinklers and skipping around Disneyland made me reminisce. And those fish/starfish t-shirts that we all had? Yeaah, good times.

Anonymous said...

awww....almost brings a tear to your mothers eyes just hearing you talk about those good ole days! I miss my "little girls"! But of course I love my daughters at this age too! (Maybe now I know something I should get you for your birthday...I just might have to make a special trip to Nordstroms!)

Anonymous said...

OMG, I have been looking for these everywhere. Please do tell me where I can acquire such a pair of saltwater sandals. They remind me of sunny days in the Middle East when i was on my tour of duty and i would wear saltwater sandals on the weekend. oh, those were the best days of my entire life. you should do an article about scally caps.