Friday, February 22, 2008


last monday was presidents' day. and although its a little late, i would just like to blog a little thank you to all of those presidents. thanks for, generally, taking good care of this country. i dont know a lot about politics, but i like america pretty well.
a friend of mine attended a barbeque on presidents' day. at this barbeque, they went around and told about their favorite president. he claimed his favorite president to be grover cleveland. as i said before, i dont claim to know much about politics and presidents and such, but grover cleveland doesnt seem to be anybody's favorite president, so i think he was joking.
despite my lack of knowledge on the subject, ive always liked abe lincoln. maybe he wasnt as perfect as elementary u.s. history classes make him out to be, but i mean..he was the great emancipator, so he cant be that bad.

another reason i appreciate presidents' day is for the day off from school, and, as the main point of this post, i appreciate it for the excellent, amazing presidents' day sales. me and sarah went shopping together and had a hay day. hey day? anyway, it was great. the discounts just blew me away. 99 cent jewelry? 5 buck set of shirt AND shorts? a 90% off coat?? stay tuned for more coverage of this amazing shopping expedition.

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Lilly Pad said...

serious. those were goooooood buys. goodbye.